Our business has been built on reputation with the majority of our work coming from recommendations and word of mouth

Established over 10 years ago as a diversification to our already successful tyre business, the vehicle delivery & recovery side of the business has expanded with great pace that it has outgrown the tyre business. 

The NP Vehicle logistics fleet currently consists of a 3.5 ton Volkswagen crafter alongside our recent addition, a Land Rover Discovery Equipped with a tachograph for towing the trailer for heavier vehicles. 
Our newest vehicle to the fleet is a 5 ton Volkswagen crafter, so we can carry two heavier vehicles at once to cope with increasing customer demand and to facilitate our ever growing client base. 

The Majority of our work is trade work, car sales, garages and the vehicle delivery side has even taken over the general recovery side. 

We offer a full UK wide service with regular visits to the whole of the south of England.